Want a RED that Lasts?

Want a red lipstick that lasts? Shop MyStyleLipstick.com

Want a red lipstick that has staying power? We’ve got your color! If you wear blue reds colors, our Blue-Red Lipsense is for you. If you wear warm, orange-tone reds, try Fly Girl LipSense. Either is an amazing red with saying power – coverage for 4-18 hours.

Blu-Red LipSense by Senegence

Blu-Red LipSense

Matte / Cool

Fly Girl LipSense by Senegence

Fly Girl LipSense

Matte / Warm

Fly Girl vs. Blu-Red LipSense colors - MyStyleLipstick.com

Top the liquid color with our gloss in your favorite texture and color. Using our gloss is what gives your color staying power. Other glosses will not work with our liquid lip colors.

We’ve shown the colors with Glossy Gloss, but you can add Matte Gloss or any of the glitter glosses or a gloss with a hint of color to change up the red color.

We’ve got lots of colors to choose from!

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There are so many LipSense Colors! I'm sure we have one for you! You can even layer the colors to create your own custom signature color. See them all at MyStyleLipstick.com

Hate to leave the house without lipstick?

Hate to go out with friends and leave your lipstick on your glass, your napkin, everywhere but on your lips?

Then LipSense is for you!

A unique liquid lip color that:

  • is waterproof
  • does not kiss off
  • does not smear off
  • does not rub off
  • does not budge off!
  • and, just as important it does not dry out your lips. In fact, it helps to restore the moisture content of your lips when used properly.
  • LipSense Liquid Lip Color can last anywhere between 4 and 18 hours.

Initially sold as a set:

  • LipSense Liquid Lip Color
  • a moisturizing Gloss
  • an Ooops! Remover

I think we have your color!

Show Me the LipSense Colors