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Get a Makeup Membership and Save!

For a one-time fee of $55, you can save 20% to 50% off all your purchases.

Buy for yourself or start a business when friends want their own LipSense!

No minimum buys or monthly quotas!


Revolutionary Long-Lasting Color Cosmetics

We provide an entire line of SenseCosmetics® which are water-proof or water-resistant and do double duty serving as skin care and gorgeous color that lasts until you take it off. Proprietary formulas include essential nutrients to increase cellular renewal and create healthier skin. Products can be blended together to create custom looks.

The opportunity to become a SeneGence® Independent Distributor comes with options that work for you and for your lifestyle – right now. We’ll help you set income goals and plan for the future while building a successful business today. You will quickly have the opportunity to start earning bonuses, benefits, trips and boundless opportunities all while receiving professional support, networking and training. A lifestyle you’ve previously only dreamed of can now be a reality.

Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Skin Care

SeneGence’s exclusive SeneDerm® anti-aging skin care system is based on a proprietary formulation of ingredients called SenePlex®. SenePlex has been clinically proven to produce remarkable results and skin improvements after only eight weeks of use.


Startup Options


Choose to be a Customer

1- Choose to be a Customer

Option 1: Choose to become a Customer and/or Hostess, and experience our fabulous products. You can quickly connect with a Distributor near you to order product at retail (either in person or online through their website) and start enjoying long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skin care unlike anything else on the market.

Choose to be a Distributor

2- Choose to be a Distributor

Option 2: Become a Distributor and have a career that really pays – on your terms! Join SeneGence® with just a $55 investment and immediately enjoy ordering your products at 20 – 50 % off retail price plus the opportunity to earn commissions, bonuses and other fantastic rewards like trips and car allowances.

To get started:

  1. Sign-up with SeneGence

New Distributor Kit (NDK) / Application Fee: $55

NDK includes Distributor Handbook, printed materials, training DVD & CD and a $5 donation to the Make Sense Foundation.

New Distributor Kit Sample Photo

Income & Commissions

SeneGence International® offers a very generous Distributor Compensation plan that excels in the multi-level marketing and direct sales industry. Our competitive, comprehensive plan provides income on many levels:

  1. Earn profits on the retail sales of SeneGence cosmetics and skin care.
  2. Quickly begin earning commissions based on Distributors you sponsor.
  3. Earn monthly bonuses based on group sales volume.


SeneGence promotions, contests and conferences can take you around the world. Our Distributors enjoy domestic and global destinations when they earn our annual SeneStar or LIPS trips. The next SeneGence adventure is right around the corner. Make sure you pack your passport!


SeneGence Distributors are all over the road, enjoying their new vehicles they earn through our SeneCar program. In just a short time, you can be driving a brand new vehicle of your choice, in SeneGence blue color – while we take care of your lease payments!


We are excited you have made the decision to join our Sene-Sisterhood as a Distributor. Our products are in the highest demand and this has resulted in much of our product line being currently sold out. The Fast Start program is also currently unavailable for new Distributors to earn. Check back often, as inventory is regularly coming back in stock. Thank you for bearing with us during this time of extraordinary growth.